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Sevilla as the largest tech hub in southern Spain is home to a number of great software companies. I am curating here a list of them based on relevance, potential, size, growth, innovation and developer friendliness. All companies on this page return true to the following assertions:


Companies having HQ in Sevilla or a large part of their software engineering efforts.


Companies that produce a software product. Consultancies and services companies are out of the scope for this site.


Companies that have grown out of startup phase into midsize running business with healthy financials.

The list

( in no particular order )

Cloud Software

Easy to use cloud images, containers, and VMs that work on any platform. We make server software easier to use, regardless of platform: in a VM, the cloud, or a container. Try one of the 150+ applications and development runtimes we package and learn what makes Bitnami awesome. Bitnami Toolchain: end-to-end automation platform used to create, secure, publish and update software stacks for all major container and cloud platforms.

Video Games

Genera Games is a leading developer and publisher of mobile and tablet games for iOS and mobile devices. We work with multinational companies such as Disney, Paramount, Dreamworks and Universal to create custom titles, as well as foster and support the growth of indie developers. We believe that innovation and creativity are the keys to creating mobile games that amaze, inspire, and bring a little bit of fun to everyday life. We are also proud to have built our own in-house title, Gladiator Heroes, which is currently in soft launch.

Betting Solutions

Golden Race provides land-based and online operators with reliable, cost-effective solutions so they can engage customers 24/7 in entertaining and innovative gaming experiences. Our content offer includes 3D football action, pre-recorded video races, poker, keno and LIVE streaming lotto.

Real State

Noteges nació en el año 2005 con el objetivo de proveer a las agencias inmobiliarias de habla hispana del mejor software inmobiliario cuando estos estaban empezando a nacer. Con los años, la apuesta de Noteges por ayudar a nuestros asociados a ser “La inmobiliaria del Futuro, Hoy” se ha consolidado. uestros clientes cuentan con el que está considerado por numerosos expertos independientes como uno de los mejores software inmobiliarios a nivel europeo

Smart Agro

ec2ce provides predictive technology to decode future agricultural events. Our technology combines the treatment and analysis of Big Data with the creation of Predictive Models that can be integrated in the Customer’s Risk Management tools and be used to support secisions.


Balumba comercializa seguros de coches, motos y ciclomotores. Diez años después de su nacimiento, Balumba cuenta con más de 450 empleados que trabajan diariamente en la tranquilidad de sus asegurados desde la sede central de la compañía, localizada en Sevilla. La capital andaluza se beneficia así de los numerosos puestos de trabajo que genera la compañía.


This is a work in progress and by no means a comprehensive list of all software companies in the Sevilla region. If I have missed your great company I apologize.

If you would like to have your company featured here or if you would like to update some of the info on this page please just drop me a line.